Chain dia (AM2):          Φ22mm
Overload pull:               30.9KN
Supporting load:           126KN
Working speed:            10m/min
Wraping load:               10KN
Wraping speed:            10m/min
Rope dia:                      wire rope Φ11mm
Nylon rope:                   Φ20mm
Drive ratio:                    4.9
Machanical efficiency:   0.85
Certificate:                    CCS
Chain dia:                     Φ34mm
Working load:                54.91KN
Over load:                     82.365KN
Holding load:                 421KN
Nominal speed:              <9m/min
Gypsy C.L:                    1200mm
Warping drum load:       50KN
Certificate:                     BV

Power Pack:
Flow:                             56L/min
Working pressure:        150bar
Pump model:                 40SCY
Volumetric displace:      40ml/r
Max pressure:               315bar
Electric moter:               Y160L-4-H
Power:                           15kw
Electric speed:              1460r/m
Voltage:                        AC380V/50Hz/3P
Based on our owned facilities and skill workforce,our products & services will be delivered at the
most competitive price, quality in conformity with international standard requirements.
For your reference, please find the following :
Hydraulic motor:
Model:                    BJM2-500
Discharge:             0.493L/r
Working pressure: 10MPa
Working flux:          30L/min
Φ22mm Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ34mm Hydraulic Anchor Windlass & Power Pack
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