Waste Compactor CH4
CH4 series marine intelligent compression garbage packer is designed to meet the higher number,
the larger the amount of garbage generated by ships and oil platforms designed. CH4 series
microcomputer control, makes the operation more simple, and multi-point micro-sensor monitoring,
incorrect operation at any time to stop and prevent harm to the staff.

Customer needs to provide a standard plug and power requirements;

Widely used in various types of vessels, FPSO, offshore oil platforms, islands and harbor;

Professional design: according to the requirements of the professional design of ships;
Intelligent operation: microcomputer control, automatic detection, automatic operation;
Safe operation: multi-point micro-sensors to monitor and prevent harm to the staff;
Simple: the double bond design, easy to operate;
Corrosion resistance to rust: skeleton and shell made of stainless steel;
Strong performance: a daily processing capacity of up 5000KG;



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