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Electric Mechanical Steering System (EMS)
A newly developed and electric mechanic direct drive steering
system, make your steering more simple & comfortable!
No Hydraulic Oil, Environmental Friendly, Simple & Light, Easy
Installation & Minimum Space Required, Reduced Maintenance.
Optional Docking Model Available:
Suitable for under 25 meters ships & boats,
Such as: Traffic & Patrol Boats, Fishing Ships, Crew Boats,
Workboats and Yachts.
PowerHelm Steering Wheel
Our Newly developed and Patented product, with highly
Integrated and compact designed. Used for retrofitting or
replacing existing hand steering wheel that may be hard to steer.
Fast Response, Simple & Light, Easy Installation & Minimum
Space Required, Reduced Maintenance.
10T Electric Capstan
Heavy Duty Industrial Linear Actuator
Custom-made heavy duty actuator for industrial applications.

Compact designed, heavy duty, precise & durable,

Less maintenance needed.

Positioning & limited switch built-in.
10T Electric Tugger Winch
Drum Load: 100Kn
Nominal Speed: 27/13/6m/min
Rope Diameter: Φ28mm
Mooring Drum Diameter(mm): Φ500mm

Electric Motor:
Type: JZ2-H61-4/8/16
Power :30/30/22KW
Speed: 1420/670/300rpm
Character: 10/30/5min
50KN Electric Capstan
Rated Pull:              50KN
Overload pull:         75KN
Nominal speed:       <9m/min
Rope dia:                24mm
Certificate:              CCS

Type:                      YZ225S-6-H
Power:                    22kw
Speed:                    950r/min
Source:                   380V/50Hz/3P
Working model:      30/min
Safety class:           IP56
Insulation class:      F
Steel wire dia:          Φ22
Normal load:            10T (1 layer)
Normal speed:         15m/min
Clutch and brake:    manual

Rope capacity:        200m (5 layer)
Support load:          21.5T
Motor power:           45/45/30kw
Certificate:              CCS
4.5M Rescue Boat
Width: 1.86m
Depth: 0.75m
Craft Weight: 655Kg
Total Weight: 1105Kg
No. of Person: 6P
Speed: >6 Kn
Engine: Mercury 25HP
Rated Output: 18.6Kw
Lifting Load: 14KN     
Slewing Load: 14KN
Working Radius: 4.5M
Hoisting Speed:   ≥18m/min
Lowering Speed: ≤48m/min
Drum Capacity:   25M
Power Source:    380V/50HZ
SA 21 Rescue Boat Davit
steering gear
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Below products are either new developed & made by our self or our selection from manufacturing partners.
All are with superior quality & cost – effective, and available from our store for prompt delivery.
With dynamic response, the power output can be automatically
adjusted according to the amount of the hand force to achieve
the purpose of easy steering.
Speed Variable Capstan (SVC)
Newly developed 1500 lbs marine capstans.
Suitable for ships & boats under 25 meters, such as fishery
boats, workboats, patrol boats & yachts.
50KN Hydraulic Capstan
Working Pull:                50KN
Operation Speed:         P10m/min
Wrap head diameter:   Φ360mm
Certificate:                   CCS

Model:                          BJM2-1000
Capacity:                      987ml/rev
Pressure:                     12Mpa
Working capacity:        60L/min
Compact designed, cost – effective, electric drive with speed
control features.