Based on longterm partnership with selected manufacturers, we provide sourcing, proposing,
quality control and offer supply chain management services to customers outside China, for wide
range of outfitting products.

                               Scope of Products
1. Anchoring Fittings
Danforth HHP A Type Anchor
Stevpris Anchor
Danforth HHP B Type Anchor
Chain Accessories
F2032 Rollered Pawl Type
F2033 Rollered Bar Type
GB/T3844-2000 Rollered Bar Type
GB/T178-96 Screw Type
Smit Bracket
2. Morring Fittings
F2005 Deck Closed Chock
F2017-AC Deck Closed Chock
EU1 Deck Chock
DIN81915 Deck Chock Type C
F2017-BC Bulwark Closed Chock
EU2 Bulwark Chock
DIN81915 Bulwark Chock Type A
F2030 Bulwark Chock Type A
F2014 Open Type
Chain Wheel for Hawse Pipe
Single Roller Chock
3-Roller Chock
No-Roller Inclined Chock Type A
No-Roller C/I Lined Chock Type B
No-Roller C/S Lined Chock Type C
Double Roller Fairlead
3-Roller Fairlead
4-Roller Fairlead
5-Roller Fairlead
Horizontal Roller Fairlead
Engineering Fairlead
Horizontal Sheave Fairlead
Vertical Sheave Fairlead
Universal Anchor Fairlead
Jaw Swivel Shackle
Baldt Shackle & Trident Shackle
1. Windows, Doors, Hatches, Seats & Waste Compactors
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